All first year students enrolled into the Dalhousie University Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program ,
Yarmouth site, are now eligible to apply for a bursary provided by the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.
The bursary, to be awarded every second year, amounts to $5,000.

The bursary, designed to assist a student in his/her primary and second year of studies, is available
only to those entering the nursing profession for the first time.

“Along with providing financial assistance, the bursary also aims to promote volunteerism in a local
health related organization and to encourage students, upon graduation, to seek employment at the
Yarmouth Regional Health Centre”, says Gordon Wood, Foundation Chair.

The deadline for application is September 1st. The bursary will be awarded on or before September
30th. Funds will be distributed in four equal installments over two years.

Application forms are available from Liz Prime, Administration Assistant, Dalhousie School of
Nursing, 58 Vancouver Street (742-3542, Ext. 213), or by e-mail

The Dalhousie University School of Nursing, Yarmouth site, has been in operation since 1995, making
the four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program available in it’s entirety in Yarmouth.

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, established in 1970 exists to support and enhance the Yarmouth
Regional Hospital as a community and regional centre of excellence in health care.


For more information please contact:
Gordon Wood, Chair, YHF 902-648-2025
Mardi Amirault, Site Administrator, Yarmouth 902-742-3542 Ext 214
Dalhousie BScN Program
Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin Managing Director, YHF 902-749-1669
Barbara Johnson, Communication Director, SWNDHA 902-749-0517


Community support for the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s Diagnostic Imaging
Campaign continues to grow. On July 3rd, the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families
donated $10,000 towards the campaign. This contribution brings the total funds raised to

The target of the Diagnostic Imaging Campaign is to raise $500,000 towards the purchase
of a new CT Scanner and a Digital X-ray unit.

Burt Goodwin, Dealer/Co-owner of Yarmouth Canadian Tire states, “By assisting the
Hospital Foundation in its efforts to provide new and improved technology for the
Yarmouth Regional Hospital, the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families will be fulfilling
its mandate to help families when they need it most.”

The funds donated towards the campaign were a result of the collaborative efforts of
Canadian Tire staff at the Yarmouth Store and the National Canadian Tire Foundation
for Families.


For more information please contact:
Gordon Wood Chair, YHF 902-648-2025
David Arenburg Vice Chair, YHF 902-749-8547
Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin Managing Director, YHF 902-749-1669
Burt Goodwin Owner, Yarmouth Canadian Tire 902-749-1600