Release Date: Monday, November 24, 2003

Haley Spates 1st Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Scholarship Recipient

First year nursing student, Haley Spates recently became the first recipient of the
Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Scholarship.

Spates is originally from Yarmouth and recently relocated from Calgary, Alberta. She
decided to return to Yarmouth to pursue a career in nursing after working for four years
in the Calgary Foothills hospital as the coordinator of outpaitent residential services for
Onocology patients. She credits both the medical community staff and the patients for
convincing her in their daily interactions that she should become a professional in the
healthcare field. After reviewing her options, she decided that the quality of education
she could receive here at the Dalhousie School and Nursing, combined with the family
support she has in Yarmouth, would provide her with the best opportunity for success.
Haley reports that it is too early into the program to decide on which area she is most
interested in, however she is really looking forward to her operating room experience,
and is extremely pleased with her lessons in psychology.

This is the first year that the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Scholarship has offered this
type of financial assistance for students of the School of Nursing. By the September 1st

deadline, there had been five applications. Mardi Amirault, the Director of the
Dalhousie School of Nursing expects that next time the number of applicants will be
significantly higher. The bursary is paid out over a two year period and totals $5 000.00.

Spates is “very pleased to be the recipient of this award.” She reported that his type of
funding is extremely helpful to her as she will pay approximately $6,700.00 per year in
tuition alone. (For further information on the scholarship program please contact
Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, Managing Director of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation at