Foundation Announces Campaign Chair for MRI

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Board Member Mark Muise has accepted the task of chairing the Foundation’s MRI campaign.

Muise, former MP and resident of Mavillette, has been an active member of the Foundation since 2001. He played a key role in the success of the Diagnostic Imaging Campaign which resulted in a new CT scanner and digital x-Ray unit for our regional hospital. In addition he chaired the Foundation’s first donor appreciation event aimed at acknowledging all major contributors to the ten million fundraiser in support of the hospital expansion.

“We are honoured that Mark, with his successful history in community projects, has agreed to take on this challenge. The Foundation has committed to raising 25% (approx $750,000) of the cost of the MRI. With Mark’s enthusiasm and skill as an effective team leader and the support of the community the MRI campaign is destined for success.” – David Arenburg, Board Chair

“We are in the formative stage of organizing the MRI campaign. We feel confident and excited that raising funds for this important piece of equipment is well within our reach.” – Mark Muise, Campaign Chair

Although the campaign has not been formally launched, individuals and businesses have been making donations towards the MRI since the Foundation announced its intention, early last year, to work towards securing this signature piece of equipment for our Regional Hospital Donations can be made by contacting the Foundation office at 749-1669.

An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can make detailed three-dimensional images of the body’s soft tissues. “It’s a valuable tool for evaluating pathology of the brain, abdomen and pelvis and especially is a significant tool in cancer staging.” Dr. Bill Paulick, Chief of Radiology, Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, established in 1970, consists of 20 volunteer board members representing Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties. The mission of the Foundation is to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional centre of excellence in health care.