MRI Campaign surpasses its target of $750,000

Eric Bourque Photo

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation reached its fundraising goal in late July 2005 thanks to the support of many, including Sun Life which contributed $25,000.00 to the MRI Campaign. Campaign chair Mark Muise and David Sprague, left, (an advisor with Clarica – a Sun Life company) view the meter used to chart the campaign’s progress.

YARMOUTH (Aug. 1, 2005) – In recent weeks a flurry of activity has taken the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation over the top in its MRI Campaign. In excess of $800,000 has been raised in the form of pledges and cash donations since the campaign was launched on March 21st.

“I am overwhelmed by the response from our community,” said MRI Campaign chairman Mark Muise. “The people of Southwestern Nova Scotia really got behind this effort and made sure that an MRI will be at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.”

Mr. Muise said special events such as the inaugural Spring Gala and the Jody Shelley Golf Fore Health helped boost the campaign. But, he adds, it was the continuous efforts of the volunteers and generosity of both corporate and individual donors, along with town and municipal units, that ensured the rapid success of the campaign.

“The initial donation of $250,000 by the Women’s Auxiliary really got things off to a great start,” he said. “From there, corporate support and donations and the contributions of so many people maintained the campaign’s momentum.”

Hospital Foundation chairman David Arenburg was also quick to credit the efforts of the volunteers and the community as a whole.

“The dedicated work of volunteers and the generosity of our sponsors and donors ensured the campaign was a resounding success,” Mr. Arenburg said. “From the start we had hoped to meet and exceed our goal, allowing funds raised in excess of the $750,000. to assist with expenses related to technical training, recruitment and support required to staff the MRI. Exceeding our goal will also enable the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation to fund additional costs associated with required upgrades to infrastructure associated with the MRI. ”

“This is such an important piece of equipment,” said Mr. Arenburg. “It will help every citizen of Southwestern Nova Scotia by reducing wait times and eliminating the need to travel to Halifax. An MRI will also help retain and attract health care professionals to our area.” he adds.

“Congratulations to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation for surpassing their goal to fund the community portion of the MRI to serve the residents of Shelburne, Yarmouth and Digby Counties,” said Blaise MacNeil, CEO, South West Health. “Work is ongoing as we participate in the purchasing process, plan renovations to house the unit and as we develop guidelines for this new service which we anticipate will be available in our district late next summer.”

Last December, the province announced Yarmouth Regional Hospital would be one of four sites to receive a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine. The funding for the equipment will be divided 75/25 between the government and the community.

Dr. William Paulick, chief of radiology at the hospital, said magnetic resonance imaging “provides a diagnosis in many cases where there is no substitute.”

An MRI is non-invasive, painless and safe procedure, he said. It can help diagnose medical conditions that are difficult to detect such as Multiple Sclerosis, slipped disks and disk, shoulder and knee problems.

The images captured by an MRI become part of the Picture Archiving and Communications System. Once in the system, the information can easily be shared with other healthcare professionals across the province.