Shoppers Drug Mart Supports Health Care Through Tree of Life Program

Shoppers Drug Mart recently contributed $6,931 to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation to assist with the purchase of a phototherapy light for the Maternal Child Department of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

To date Shoppers Drug Mart has donated in excess of $50,000 through its Tree of Life program.

“We’re honoured to be chosen as the recipient of the annual Tree of Life fundraiser”, said Mary Surette, YHF Development Officer. “A sincere thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart management, staff and customers for their support of maternal child health in our community.

Doug and Elaine Thistle make $200K gift to Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has announced a major contribution of more than
$200,000 by Doug and Elaine Thistle to the Foundation.

When the Thistles retired two years ago and sold their business, Thistle Hyundai, and
its associated property in Dayton, the couple decided to make a major charitable
donation to give back to the community that has supported and sustained them for
many years.

“When you look at an institution in this area that affects everybody, then there is
nothing that has the impact of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital,” Doug Thistle says.
“Everybody in the area is affected by the hospital and the services it provides. A gift to
the hospital is a benefit to the community as a whole.”

Doug, raised in a tiny village in Newfoundland, met Elaine when she was teaching in
Labrador. They came to Yarmouth to raise their children, and were welcomed by the
community where, over the years, he did business from Bear River to Shelburne. “The
Yarmouth hospital serves the same people who supported us all those years,” Doug

“The urge to give back is an innate quality,” says Elaine, who ran the business side of
her husband’s successful automobile dealership. “You decide to give back because
that’s the way you were raised.”

Indeed, their gift is made in honour of Elaine’s parents, Walton and Josina Warner of
Yarmouth, who were killed in a car accident in 1970. A name plate has been added as a
testament to their contribution to the Wall of Honour located in the hospital’s lobby.
“It’s to remember all the gifts they gave to the community,” she says. Elaine also sits
on the Board of Directors of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation and is a member of both
the HR and Finance committees of the YHF.

“When the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation embarked on the Enhancing Health Care
campaign in early 2014 to fund a new CT scanner and Medication Management
System, little did we know that one of our board directors was quietly making plans for a
very generous donation in support of the foundation,” says Board Chair Shirley

The Thistles directed their contribution toward the Future Fund, which aims to provide
significant capital resources at times of critical need. It serves as a supplement or
backup to the annual fundraising campaign which finances specific equipment and
program goals. The Future Fund helps the Foundation prepare for future equipment

They chose to donate a substantial number of high-yield shares valued at $205,000,
which offers additional tax benefits to both the donors and the Foundation.
“Elaine Thistle joined the board in 2010 and quickly embraced the Foundation’s work
and vision,” d’Entremont says. “The Thistles have been strong community supporters for
many causes, including the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation. Elaine and Doug Thistle
give new meaning to the term ‘ambassadors’ of the YHF. Their substantial gift in support
of the Foundation is just one example of the work that Elaine and Doug do for our

“On behalf of the YHF and its board of directors we are honoured to have Elaine
Thistle as part of the board of directors and so grateful for the very generous donation.”
she says.

The Thistles are very modest about their substantial gift to the hospital: “If $100 is all
you can afford to give, that’s just as important as me giving $200,000,” Doug says.
“It’s in the giving of the gift,” Elaine adds. “You get the warm fuzzies from it. You do it
with a warm heart, rather than a cold hand.”

The Yarmouth Regional Hospital serves Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth Counties.
For more information on the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, go to the website:

Chase the Ace

“Chase the Ace”, hosted by the Red Knight, takes place every Friday evening from 6 – 8 p.m. Jackpot is currently at $2,000! Gather a few friends for some end-of-the-week fun while supporting your local hospital!
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Focus on Fetal Heart Monitor this Holiday Season

Giving in the Spirit of the Season!

Dear Friend:

This holiday season the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is providing an opportunity for individuals like you to enable the best health care possible for the unborn and the newly born by helping us to purchase new fetal heart monitors.

Without community support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation could not fulfill its mission to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of excellence in health care. 

Your assistance is vital to the work of the Foundation; please take a moment right now to consider supporting the annual Christmas appeal.

Fetal heart monitoring is the process of checking the condition of an infant during labour and delivery by monitoring his or her heart rate.

Fetal heart monitoring may help to detect changes in the normal heart rate pattern. If certain changes are detected, steps can be taken to correct the underlying problem.    Fetal heart rate monitoring can also help to prevent treatments that are not needed.

The Maternal Child Department currently has five fetal heart monitors.  Each monitor is ten years old.  Although the units are fully functional the technical support for these aging machines is proving to be a challenge.  It’s time for replacement.  At a cost of approximately $25,000 per unit, purchasing even one of the machines will bring peace of mind to an expectant mom.

You can help us provide the best natal care possible by making a donation to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation for the purchase of new heart rate monitors.  Please give as generously as you can.  I can’t think of a better gift to give our future children and grand-children.

May the joy of giving lighten your heart this Christmas season!

Shirley d’Entremont
Chair, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

PS  Please return the enclosed gift tag along with your donation. Your gift tag will be displayed on one of three trees in the lobby of the hospital.  Your gift may inspire others to give too!

Important Note:  If you have already received a letter of request and have responded, please accept our thanks and disregard this unaddressed appeal.

Focus on New Laparoscopic Suites this Holiday Season

2011 Fundraising Focus:
2 new laparoscopic suites for the OR Department
Fundraising Target:  $232,000.00 (25% of total cost)



Figure 1: Current operating room, note equipment carts and cramped quarters.

Figure 2: Laparoscopic suite with ceiling hung equipment and monitors. Equipment booms allow easy maneuver and adjustments




  • Less invasive procedure
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time

*In addition to the new Lap suites, the Foundation will also purchase a new Portable Ultrasound in 2011: $55,000