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Focus on Fetal Heart Monitor this Holiday Season

Giving in the Spirit of the Season!

Dear Friend:

This holiday season the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is providing an opportunity for individuals like you to enable the best health care possible for the unborn and the newly born by helping us to purchase new fetal heart monitors.

Without community support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation could not fulfill its mission to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of excellence in health care. 

Your assistance is vital to the work of the Foundation; please take a moment right now to consider supporting the annual Christmas appeal.

Fetal heart monitoring is the process of checking the condition of an infant during labour and delivery by monitoring his or her heart rate.

Fetal heart monitoring may help to detect changes in the normal heart rate pattern. If certain changes are detected, steps can be taken to correct the underlying problem.    Fetal heart rate monitoring can also help to prevent treatments that are not needed.

The Maternal Child Department currently has five fetal heart monitors.  Each monitor is ten years old.  Although the units are fully functional the technical support for these aging machines is proving to be a challenge.  It’s time for replacement.  At a cost of approximately $25,000 per unit, purchasing even one of the machines will bring peace of mind to an expectant mom.

You can help us provide the best natal care possible by making a donation to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation for the purchase of new heart rate monitors.  Please give as generously as you can.  I can’t think of a better gift to give our future children and grand-children.

May the joy of giving lighten your heart this Christmas season!

Shirley d’Entremont
Chair, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

PS  Please return the enclosed gift tag along with your donation. Your gift tag will be displayed on one of three trees in the lobby of the hospital.  Your gift may inspire others to give too!

Important Note:  If you have already received a letter of request and have responded, please accept our thanks and disregard this unaddressed appeal.

Focus on New Laparoscopic Suites this Holiday Season

2011 Fundraising Focus:
2 new laparoscopic suites for the OR Department
Fundraising Target:  $232,000.00 (25% of total cost)



Figure 1: Current operating room, note equipment carts and cramped quarters.

Figure 2: Laparoscopic suite with ceiling hung equipment and monitors. Equipment booms allow easy maneuver and adjustments




  • Less invasive procedure
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time

*In addition to the new Lap suites, the Foundation will also purchase a new Portable Ultrasound in 2011: $55,000

Laparoscopic Surgical Suites Q & A

Question & Answer
Laparoscopic Surgical Suite, YRH
March 10, 2011

What is a Laparoscopic Surgical Suite?
It is a surgical operating room which is designed and outfitted with dedicated laparoscopic surgical equipment. It includes specially designed booms and structures to safely contain the laparoscopic equipment for easy and safe access.

What is laparoscopic surgery (also called Minimally Invasive Surgery)?
Small incisions are made in the body through which the surgeon inserts surgical instruments and a scope. The scope transmits images to a television monitor and the surgeon performs the surgery inside the body while watching the monitor.

Surgeries performed via an abdominal incision that allows the surgeon visible access to the abdominal cavity are called open surgeries.

The majority of all surgeries performed at Yarmouth Regional Hospital are through laparoscopy.

Why are laparoscopic surgeries better than open surgeries?
Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive so patients recover faster and many post-surgical complications are eliminated.

Open surgeries have a high rate of complications such as incisional hernias, which often requires another surgery to repair; laparoscopic surgery doesn’t require a large incision through muscle and other tissue, so the occurrence of complications is greatly diminished and recovery time is minimized.

How are laparoscopic surgeries done now without a laparoscopic surgical suite?Equipment is loaded on carts and wheeled into the operating room where the surgery will take place.    Significant floor space is taken up with carts and equipment and electrical lines and wires lay on the floor creating a potential safety issue.  (See figure 1)

Room set-up takes more time and also presents hazards for surgeons and nursing staff.

Why should we invest in a laparoscopic surgical suite?
Laparoscopic techniques means better patient outcomes such as enhanced patient safety, less pain, shorter recovery periods and reduced system-wide costs with shorter hospital stays.

A laparoscopic suite supports optimal workflow to support new surgical techniques, maintain a sterile environment and provide flexibility to accommodate new technology over longer periods of time.

A laparoscopic suite is also expected to aid physician recruitment and retention.  An up-to-date facility that supports their desire to offer new techniques is always of benefit.

Will a laparoscopic surgical suite free up operating room time?
The increased efficiency of the suite provides decreased pre-anesthesia and nursing set-up and change-over time because all equipment is already in place.

Start time and change-over time indicators are an important measure of surgical efficiencies within hospitals and can be used to help improve performance.  In order to maximize the use of valuable operating room time, having the equipment already in place at the start of the day and during change-over time ensures the first case of the day starts on time, minimizing delays and cancellations while increasing the number of cases that can be done daily.  (See figure 2)

How much does a laparoscopic suite cost?
Two operating rooms will be converted into suites at a cost of approximately $991,333.  (YRH currently has three general anesthetic rooms and two local anesthetic rooms.)

The Department of Health and Wellness has contributed $743,500 and requests that the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation fundraise the remaining 25% or $247,833.



Figure 1: Current operating room, note equipment carts and cramped quarters.

Figure 2: Laparoscopic suite with ceiling hung equipment and monitors. Equipment booms allow easy maneuver and adjustments

Yarmouth Hospital Foundation to rake in Funds Through the Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life™ campaign

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, September 30, 2010 – The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation and Shoppers Drug Mart® are partnering in an effort to raise funds to help improve the quality of life families in Southwest Nova Scotia through the Tree of Life campaign. The three-week fundraising campaign, launched on September 18th will harvest essential funding needed to support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s annual appeal.

Fundraising in support of the Foundation’s annual appeal began in advance of the Tree of Life Campaign.  The aim of Shoppers Drug Mart staff was to raise $1,000 in advance to ensure that Percy Cottreau (photography department) would make good on his promise to shave his moustache if a thousand dollars was raised.  To date staff has raised four times that amount.

All proceeds from the campaign will be used to purchase a new BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airway Pressuremachine for the respiratory department of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.  A BiPap is a non invasive breathing apparatus that helps people get more air into their lungs.  The annual appeal campaign for the Yarmouth Regional Hospital officially begins in early November.

“A large part of our funding stems from the volunteer and fundraising efforts in this community, enabling us to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of excellence in health care, said Mark Muise, YHF Chair. “We encourage our community to support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation through the Shoppers Drug Mart’s Tree of Life fundraising campaign between now and October 15th.

Be a part of the harvest
This year’s campaign will introduce new icons for the “Tree of Life”, which customers have the opportunity to purchase and personalize with each contribution. Support the harvest by purchasing a “leaf” for a loonie, a “butterfly” for $5 or a “cardinal” for $50.  Each time you contribute, you can personalize your icon to be placed on a branch of the Tree of Life which will be prominently displayed in the store. Online contributions can be made by visiting

“This campaign really demonstrates the difference we can make when partnering together for a common goal and we thank Shoppers Drug Mart, their employees and their customers, for their on-going support.  Since 2007 over $16,000.00 has been donated to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation through the Shoppers Drug Mart fundraising initiative” said Muise.

-The Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life fundraising campaign is a three-week program held across Canada each autumn. Customers, staff and Pharmacist-Owners at over 1,180 Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores together raise funds for a local health initiative through the purchase of the Tree of Life paper icons.  Since 2002, the Tree of Life campaign has raised $13 million for Canadian health charities. This year alone, over 375 health charities across Canada will benefit from the proceeds with 100% of the funds staying in the community where they are raised

About the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation
The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, established in 1970, has raised over $17,000,000.00 since the mid 90’s in support of our Regional Health Center.  Funds were used for the hospital expansion, new diagnostic equipment such as CT scan, an MRI and echo cardiology along with numerous pieces of equipment for virtually every area of the hospital.  For more information

About Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is one of the most recognized and trusted names in Canadian retailing.  The Company is the licensor of full-service retail drug stores operating under the name Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix in Québec).  With more than 1,180 Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores operating in prime locations in each province and two territories, the Company is one of the most convenient retailers in Canada.  The Company also licenses or owns more than 59 medical clinic pharmacies operating under the name Shoppers Simply Pharmacy (Pharmaprix Simplement Santé in Québec) and eight luxury beauty destinations operating as Murale.  As well, the Company also owns and operates 63 Shoppers Home Health Care stores, making it the largest Canadian retailer of home health care products and services.  In addition to its retail store network, the Company owns Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network Inc., a provider of specialty drug distribution, pharmacy and comprehensive patient support services, and MediSystem Technologies Inc., a provider of pharmaceutical products and services to long-term care facilities in Ontario and Alberta.

Yarmouth Hospital Foundation contact:
Mark Muise, Board Chair or Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, Managing Directory   749-1669

Shoppers Drug Mart Associate Contact:
Christianne Land 742-3523

Spring gala a fun, festive way to support ANA Analyzer

YARMOUTH (March 18, 2010) – Guests attending the 6th annual Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Spring Gala  will  have the opportunity to support a new $66,000 Anti-Nuclear Antibody analyzer (used to detect autoimmune diseases such as lupus and other connective tissue diseases) at our Regional Health Center while enjoying the festive theme this year of  —  A Night of Stars!

“The evening will feature fine food, entertainment and fundraising through a live and silent auction and a variety of raffles and prizes,” according to Kathryn Murphy & Paulette Muise, YHF Spring Gala Chairs. All proceeds from the event will go towards the analyzer and other areas of greatest need.

The Spring Gala will be black tie optional and take place Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rodd Grand Convention Centre.

Bruce Rainnie, host of CBC News at Six, the supper-hour news program in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, will emcee the event.  He is known as the voice of CBC Sports in Atlantic Canada and has worked with CBC Sports during coverage of all Olympic Games from 2000-2006.  Mr. Rainnie came to the CBC from CJLS Radio where he hosted the morning show from 1989 to 1995. While at CJLS, he received a Canadian Radio Award for Inventive Broadcasting and was twice named Citizen of the Year (1993, 1994) for his volunteer work in Yarmouth and surrounding areas.

Mr. Rainnie will keep the evening moving on a night that will feature a fine menu, relaxing piano music,  live and silent auctions, the popular  Balloon Blitz (with a chance to win Canadian Tire patio furniture),  the celebrated Diamond Draw (with a chance to win a diamond earrings valued at $3,000 compliments of Crescent Gold & Diamonds), and much more.

Presenting sponsor Rodd Hotels and Resorts is pleased to highlight the talents of their Executive Chef Trevor Cunningham.   Cunningham is an honors graduate from the Culinary Institute of Canada and former restaurateur.  He will be working with his team to prepare a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.  The evening includes a reception offering sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and complimentary glass of bubbly, followed by a delicious three-course meal, served with wine.

To date, the annual Spring Gala has raised over $170,000.00.  These funds have contributed to the purchases of equipment from portable blood pressure units to high tech diagnostic equipment like the MRI and a new cancer center.

Tickets to the spring gala are $125 per plate and are available at the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation office by calling 749-1669. Tax receipts will be issued for approximately half the ticket price.

Kathryn Murphy, Gala Chair     663-2973

Paulette Muise, Gala Chair        645-3047

Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin,
YHF Managing Director           749-1669

Foundation Director Awarded Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) Designation

Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, Managing Director of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, was recently named a Certified Fund Raising Executive by CFRE International.  Sweeney-Goodwin has met a series of standards set by CFRE International which include tenure in the profession, education, demonstrated fundraising achievement and a commitment of service to a nonprofit organization.  Initially candidates must pass a rigorous exam which tests the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a fundraising executive.

“Paulette has proven her commitment to her profession by pursuing her CFRE certification” said Mark Muise, Chair of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.  “Donors who work with Paulette know they are getting someone who is committed to the best outcomes, both for their financial gift and for our Foundation,” Muise said.

The CFRE process was developed as a way to identify for the public and employers those individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and commitment to perform fundraising duties in an effective, conscientious, ethical and professional manner,” states Susan Davies Goepp, CFRE: Chair of CFRE International.

CFRE recipients are awarded certification for a three-year period.  In order to maintain certification status, members must continue to demonstrate ongoing fundraising employment, fundraising results and continue with their professional education.

CFRE International is an independent organization whose sole mission is dedicated to the certification of fundraising executives by setting standards of philanthropy.  More information can be found on their web site

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, established in 1970, is the fundraising arm of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital.  Its’ mission is to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of excellence in health care.

The Yarmouth Regional Hospital serves Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties.