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Enhancing Health Care campaign exceeded target

One final push at year end was all that was needed to bring the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s Enhancing Health Care campaign to a successful conclusion. Thank you to our many donors who responded to our request though the Christmas Appeal to “bring us over the top”. Over $60,000 was raised through the annual appeal. This amount, along with additional gifts, brought the campaign initiative to $762,000

The Enhancing Health Care campaign was kicked off in the spring of 2014 with a lead gift of $150,000 from the Hospital Women’s Auxiliary. That was followed by a total contribution of $210,000 from the towns of Yarmouth and Clark’s Harbour, and the municipalities of Yarmouth, Clare, Argyle, and Barrington.

“I am delighted to report that the early response to our health care needs was prompt and generous,” Barro says.

The campaign was launched to cover the hospital’s share of the cost of a new CT Scanner and a Medication Management System (MMS). Both were identified as being crucial to maintaining quality health care in the Yarmouth area. Each project received provincial backing and funding to the tune of 75 per cent.

“I don’t think I fully understood the significance of a CT Scanner until I became DI (Diagnostic Imaging) manager,” says former manager Crystal Hilton, “but it certainly crystallized two years ago when I spent the afternoon in ER with a critically injured young man who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was bleeding internally.

“I wondered that day and for several days after if he was going to live to see his newborn daughter grow up. He did,” Hilton says. “CT was certainly not the only thing that saved his life, but it was a key to quickly getting everyone informed as to the severity and evolution of his injuries. It is a key piece of equipment in DI.”

Nancy McLaughlin, District Pharmacy Manager, agrees that keeping up with new technology is essential to meet the health care needs of patients.

“The new Medication Management System helps to ensure timely and accurate delivery of necessary medication,” she says. “With the new MMS, the Yarmouth Regional Hospital is now among the 90 per cent of hospitals using this method to deliver medications to our patients. It’s a standard in health care today.”