Healthcare Enhancement Endowment

State MapOn March 10, 2021, the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation (YHF) announced that a transformational gift of $22,000,000 was received from an anonymous donor. The donation was entrusted to the Foundation to administer “to improve the provision of healthcare in the area served by the Yarmouth Regional Hospital”. This directive aligns with the existing mission and goals of the YHF.

Prior to the public announcement, a new Healthcare Enhancement Endowment (HEE) was established. The endowment was created through the YHF's pre-existing investment processes. Parallel to setting up the endowment the Foundation Board adopted a policy that includes directing 15% (approximately $150,000) of investment revenue annually from the HEE towards community initiatives to improve the health of individuals living in Yarmouth, Digby, and Shelburne counties.

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is extremely grateful to the anonymous donor for this exceptional opportunity to serve and improve our local healthcare environment on a whole new level now and for future generations.


Healthcare Enhancement Endowment funding criteria

Community initiatives that meet the following criteria can apply for funding from the Healthcare Enhancement Endowment:

  • aligns with the priorities of Nova Scotia Health
  • must clearly enhance health services, projects, or programs within the Tri-Counties
  • must improve activities and not be used to replace ongoing funding
  • preferable that it be a one-time contribution
  • preferable to projects who may be able to bring additional partners and resources
  • an application must come with a letter of endorsement from a qualified specialist
  • must be a registered charity or a recognized non-profit organization in Yarmouth, Shelburne, or Digby counties

If the above criteria are met, please complete the application form below.  The Foundation is currently accepting only online submissions via the application form below.  Applications will be received for consideration starting June 30th.  The application deadline is September 30th.  Successful funding applicants will be announced in January 2022.

Healthcare Enhancement Endowment Funding Application