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Seeds of Gratitude,
when words are not enough

Your gratitude is much more powerful than you think

Expressing your gratitude for the care you or a loved one received at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital is a positive way to pay tribute to the men and women who are passionate about delivering quality health care. Expression of gratitude can be made in the form of stories and gifts.

The idea behind Seeds of Gratitude is to offer you a meaningful way to tell your story and provide a gift that will make a difference in health care. We encourage you to share your stories of gratitude, kindness and compassion found in your hospital experience. With your permission, we’ll plant the seed of your positive story in a variety of Yarmouth Regional Hospital communications.

Tell us about…

  • The physician who answered your every question with care and compassion
  • The nurse who displayed extra tenderness
  • The aide who met your request before you even made it
  • The technician who said just the right thing at just the right time
  • The volunteer who gave freely of his/her time

Every story, every gift matters

If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear it and with your permission share it with others. Your story of care or your charitable gift of any amount can be the seed for more good than you can imagine. The seeds we plant today will enable others to harvest more quality health care tomorrow.

Consider a contribution

You can support Yarmouth Regional Hospital and pay tribute to your special health-care provider – the individual who made the difference in your visit or stay. Your health-care provider will receive a special card indicating a gift has been made in his or her honour in gratitude for the care you or your loved one received. (gift amounts will not be disclosed)

Seeds of Gratitude

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