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Women's Auxiliary

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Saturday, September 21st, 2019
10am – 2pm at the Mariners Center

100th Anniversary Poster

The Women’s Auxiliary organization has played a vital role in making our Regional Health Centre the thriving complex it is today.

Originally called the Ladies Aid Society, the group was formed on November 12, 1907 – five years before the opening of the first Yarmouth Hospital.   In the early 1900’s the citizens of Yarmouth were struggling to fund and organize a hospital.  Their task was monumental, but the Ladies Aid Society had to begin somewhere.  Their first fundraising endeavour was a Hospital Bazaar held in 1910 which raise the grand sum of $449.00!   From its humble beginnings, until the opening of the Vancouver Street facility in 1925, the ladies donated a total of $23,294.89 towards the progress and development of the Yarmouth Hospital.  In 1961 the Society changed its name to the Women’s Auxiliary of the Yarmouth Hospital.

The Women’s Auxiliary has contributed in excess of $3,000,000.00 to the Yarmouth Regional Hospital since 1907.  This figure includes a lump sum donation of $1,000,000.00 to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation for the hospital expansion campaign in 1997.

Over the past 100 years the work of the Women’s Auxiliary has been felt in virtually every area of the hospital.  All departments have  benefited from contributions of equipment and furnishings Along with making direct contributions to  the Regional Health Center, this dedicated group of volunteers are always the first to ‘step up to the plate’ and provide lead gifts to kick off any Hospital Foundation campaign, as indicated above.  Recent major  donations were made to towards the purchase of a new CT Scanner ($100,000.00) and towards a new MRI ($250,000.00).

The two main charitable activities of the Auxiliary are the Gift Shop and the Hospital Hullabaloo (formerly the Hospital Bazaar). These two key activities result in $110,000.00 in revenue each year. The Hullabaloo nets  $60,000, while the Gift Shop generates $40,000-$50,000 per year.  The Auxiliary contributes, on average $80,000 towards the purchase of hospital equipment annually.  The remainder of its revenue is channeled into investments to be used for future projects. The volunteer efforts of our 85 hard-working Auxiliary members is recognized each year at the Hospital’s annually volunteer appreciation banquet.  The total amount of volunteer hours covered in 51 weeks each year is astounding!

Here’s a breakdown:

Gift Shop rotating 12 volunteers per week
7,384 hrs per year

Duties at the gift shop are similar to any other small business and include staffing, customer service, inventory control, housekeeping & bookkeeping.

Hospital Hullabaloo with 25 volunteers working an average of 4 hrs per month
2,200 hrs per year

Preparation for the annual Hospital Hullabaloo is very time consuming and labour intensive. Tasks include gathering and storing items, pricing, advertising, coordinating extra volunteers, transport and set up of merchandise. This tremendously popular event is held annually on a Saturday in September at the Mariners Center in Yarmouth. It is the biggest 'yard sale' of the year in the Tri-Counties. The event also includes a live and silent auction, bake sale, on-site food sale, and many tables selling various items.

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