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Established in 1970, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation provides a way for town and municipal units, individuals, businesses and community groups to support the Yarmouth Regional Hospital and its number one priority: building better health care. Through the generosity of our donors, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has donated almost $29 million in support of your regional hospital. This figure includes $10 million raised for hospital expansions in the mid-to-late nineties.

On average, during the past ten years, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has contributed in excess of $800,000 annually towards equipment and/or infrastructure. Equipment purchased includes CT scan, portable X-Ray and ultrasound units, infant ventilators and incubators, laparoscopic suites (OR), lab equipment, renal dialysis equipment, ceiling lifts and upgrades to the cardiology, cancer, and wellness centers, among others.

Through our annual appeals, memorial, tribute and general donations, campaigns, staff lottery, third-party events, gifts in wills, major gifts and our WE CARE Radiothon, YHF works with our community year after year to provide continued support and financial assistance towards the purchase of equipment and services that improve the health and wellness of families and individuals of Yarmouth, Digby & Shelburne counties.

In August of 2021, the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation received the prestigious distinction of accreditation granted by the Standards Program with Imagine Canada.


Our Promise
Committed to quality health care delivery, we connect generosity to opportunities to change and save lives.

Our Mission
To support and enhance our Hospital as a Community and Regional Center of Excellence in Health Care.

Our Vision
Advancing opportunities that inspire donors, both of today and tomorrow, the foundation strives to be a leader in health care philanthropy by building meaningful, life-long donor relationships. We encourage transformational giving to support health care innovation and excellence at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and throughout the region for our families and the community.

Our Guiding Values
​​Integrity. Credibility. Accountability. Sustainability. Philanthropy. Community. Inclusivity.


Our Mission
The mission of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of health care excellence.

Our Vision
By fostering opportunities that inspire current and future donors, the Foundation strives to be a leader in healthcare philanthropy by building meaningful and lasting connections with donors. We encourage donations that support innovation and excellence in health care at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and throughout the region for our families and the community.

Our Promise
Committed to quality health care, we connect generosity with opportunities to change and save lives.

Our guiding values
​​Integrity. Credibility. Responsibility. Sustainability. Philanthropy. Community. Inclusion.