Annual Report 2021

Message from the Managing Director

Mary Surette, Managing Director: Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.

It is with great pleasure that we share the 2021 YHF Annual Impact Report with you — along with my first message as managing director. Your kindness resulted in another benchmark year for the foundation and our effectiveness can only be attributed to your generosity.

In total, the foundation received over $750,000 in gifts and committed over $1.5 million to equipment purchases for ten different departments in your regional hospital. This directly impacts the quality of health care in your community. Your charitableness has also enabled the foundation to support physician recruitment, five nursing scholarships and the launch of the new Commitment to Healthcare Community Fund. This is such welcome news given that in the last quarter of the year, we all experienced more changes in our lifestyle as COVID tightened its grip on our province once again.

This past year has definitely been one of change here at Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, but through change we see growth, opportunity and new beginnings. We were honoured to receive the prestigious distinction of accreditation from Imagine Canada. We also welcomed Neil LeBlanc as new board chair along with five new volunteer board members from across the Tri-Counties.

While we were saddened to see Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, former managing director, leave on her retirement in June, we were excited for her to have some time to enjoy and relax after 18 years of hard work, passion and dedication! Thank you, Paulette, and happy retirement!

This past year has also been an opportunity for the foundation to re-imagine its digital footprint. We launched an updated, condensed, informative website. In addition, we have directed our attention to enhancing our marketing and social media strategies by hiring a marketing communications officer, Maia Mathieu, at the end of the year.

We’re proud of the work put into our strategic plan and want to thank all our volunteers and you, our donors, for allowing us to serve our community while staying true to our values and mission of enhancing our hospital as a regional centre of excellence in health care.