Annual Report 2021

Message from the site lead

Tracey Watkins-Allen, Yarmouth Regional Hospital Site Lead.

Reflecting over the past 12 months, I am simply amazed at what has been accomplished. It has been an opportunity to be resilient, to learn patience, and practice kindness. No question, 2021 was incredibly busy and intense, as Yarmouth Regional Hospital continued to plan, prepare and respond to the challenge of COVID-19, but I am thankful for the amazing effort seen throughout YRH and Nova Scotia Health (NSH) as an organization, and I want to recognize how hard our teams have been working.

Many Nova Scotians are expressing a sincere and deep sense of gratitude for the work being done. This gratitude has been demonstrated by the support of Yarmouth Hospital Foundation and the generosity of the donors who enabled the foundation to commit $1.5 million in support to the hospital for 2021. Donations help fund equipment and renovations that have not been funded by the government due to multiple priorities. Over the years, YHF has been there to help provide funding for equipment and services, which is very much appreciated. Quite simply, the foundation support helps the hospital deliver excellence in care.

As site lead, my role in working with the foundation is to identify and advocate for the top priorities in each area that had equipment needs in the Nova Scotia Capital Request system. Our administrative team was amazed and appreciative that the foundation supported all our top priority items. It is important to recognize that these equipment purchases enhance safety, provide our employees the tools they need to do their jobs, and support high-quality care. For example, ceiling lifts, which assist health care providers in positioning and moving patients, decrease risks to health care workers of musculoskeletal injury due to lifting and pulling and also promote a smoother, safer transfer for patients.

This was my first year as the Site Lead at YRH, and I have learned a great deal about the level of teamwork and coordination it takes to provide safe quality care to our patients. I feel fortunate to work with such a great team of health care professionals at YRH and that I have the privilege to represent the hospital and NSH locally to various stakeholders and the public.

Working with YHF is truly a pleasure and I would like to express a sincere thank you to the foundation for its ongoing support and to the donors for their generosity. The partnership between YRH and YHF is essential to our success, and I look forward to our continued partnership and the great things we can accomplish together.