Annual Report 2021

Message from the treasurer

Who would have thought that, two years later, we would still be in a pandemic? While the pandemic has spelled the end of the annual Spring Gala and Jody Shelley’s Golf Fore Health Tournament, the foundation’s supporters have continued to step up and provide generous donations. The 2021 WE CARE Radiothon raised over $181,000 and the 2021 Christmas Appeal over $90,000. Both were record setting achievements.

Aside from the regular fundraising appeals, the foundation continues to rely heavily on major gifts and bequests to support its programs: fortunately, these two categories alone contributed in excess of $280,000 in 2021. All this allowed the foundation to purchase equipment for the hospital for a grand total of $1.5 million in 2021.

The endowment from the $22 million anonymous gift permitted the foundation to also accord special grants to organizations serving the Tri-Counties in areas related to improving the provision of health care. Approximately $150,000 was provided in 2021 for 11 projects approved by a special committee of the foundation, with local representation, created for this purpose.

Looking ahead, the foundation is embarking on a bold plan to provide more funding for equipment at Yarmouth Regional Hospital. The board has approved approximately $3 million for 2022.

There was some trepidation that the gift of $22 million might dampen the enthusiasm of the foundation’s donors, but that has not been the case. There is a saying that “Success begets Success” and the foundation continues to benefit from the generosity and support of our donors.

For this we are truly grateful.

Allan Boudreau, Treasurer: Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.