Dalhousie School of Nursing

Dr. Shelley Cobbett

The Yarmouth campus of the Dalhousie School of Nursing is gearing up to meet the need for more nurses. In 2016, it condensed the 120-credit course to 3 years from 4, to graduate more nurses more quickly. In 2020, 33 students were enrolled, up from 25, according to Dr. Shelley Cobbett, Site Administrator for the Yarmouth Campus and assistant professor.

In a few years we’ll be growing our enrolment to 40 a year, Dr. Cobbett told us. Students will take their clinical training at Digby and Roseway hospitals as well as Yarmouth Regional Hospital. The Yarmouth School of Nursing has a longstanding reputation for excellence, she says, and always has more applicants than it can take.

The Dalhousie website for the Yarmouth campus nursing program notes, “Studying in a rural community 300 kilometres south of the School of Nursing campus in Halifax, you’ll get a comprehensive BScN education while benefitting from lower costs of living.”

To help further offset those costs, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation awards 9 scholarships to first year students accepted & enrolled full-time in the Dalhousie University Bachelor of Science Nursing Program at the Yarmouth Site (Direct Entry or Advanced).

For more information about this program, contact Dalhousie University through their website.