History – Yarmouth Regional Hospital

From its humble beginning in 1912 to the vast complex that you see today, Yarmouth Regional Hospital has continued to grow and adapt to meet the health needs of our communities. At its heart is a dedicated team of health care professionals striving to provide the best patient and client care possible.

Incorporated in April 16, 1908, the first Yarmouth Hospital opened in 1912, housing just 8 patient beds compared to the 124 beds available today. In 1916, a new hospital was built on the present site of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital on Vancouver Street. Additions to Yarmouth Regional Hospital, including a nursing school, a long-term care facility, a residential care facility, and a Veteran’s Unit, have allowed the hospital complex to grow, becoming the centre for health care services in our region.


Ariel view YRH

Hospital-specific redevelopments over the years have resulted in a facility that includes a renal dialysis unit, a cancer centre, a state-of-the art diagnostic imaging department, an inpatient mental health unit, a state-of-the art laboratory, new inpatient units, and new physician offices.

Community-based programs such as Mental Health Services, Addiction Services, Public Health Services, Supportive Care Services, Seniors Services, Continuing Care, and Primary Health Care Services work closely with hospital care programs. Community-based programs support the health and wellness of our communities by focusing on education, prevention, and chronic disease management.

Today’s Yarmouth Regional Hospital provides specialized care to the more than 58,000 people of Shelburne, Yarmouth, and Digby Counties. In 2013, South West Health was selected as a new Family Medicine Training site, creating five more family residency training spots at Dalhousie medical school.