Donor dollars at work at Yarmouth Regional Hospital

The impact of your donor dollars is immediately felt at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and has ramifications for health care in your community. Never doubt that you are making a difference to health care in the Tri-Counties.

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Through the generosity of our donors, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has donated over $26 million in support of your regional hospital. On average, during the past ten years, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has contributed in excess of $800,000 annually towards equipment and/or infrastructure.

The unwavering commitment of our valued donors has enabled the YHF board to commit to the purchase of over $2 million in equipment for Yarmouth Regional Hospital in 2023.

In addition to equipment purchases, donor dollars — through endowments and gifts — have enabled the foundation to embark on various other initiatives that fulfill our mission and vision in the Tri-Counties.

Donors to Yarmouth Hospital Foundation may be various and diverse, but each one makes an impact, and no gift is too small.