Your Donor Dollars at Work


The impact of your donation truly touches the lives of hundreds of patients, staff, volunteers, individuals and families in your community every day!  Let's ensure that the exceptional people who work at your regional hospital continue to have the tools they need to deliver outstanding care for everyone who needs it. Every gift counts!

YHF Equipment Purchases for 2021

Unit Department Cost
Colposcope Perioperative Services $35,893.00
C-MAC Fiberoptic Perioperative Services $25,000.00
ACL Repair Orthopedic Instruments Perioperative Services $45,000.00
5 Ophthalmology Stretchers Perioperative Services $48,000.00
Surgical Table Perioperative Services $76,913.00
2 Bladder Scanners Women & Children’s Health, ICU CVU $36,000.00
Direct Digital Radiography Unit Diagnostic Imaging $599,918.00
2 Telemetry Monitors Emergency Department $3,300.00
Osmometer Laboratory $51,275.00
Steam Sterilizer MDR $133,315.00
Ceiling Lifts Medical/Surgical Floors $399,950.00
Combination Oven Nutrition & Food Services $32,659.00
Wrist SP02 Monitor Respiratory Services $1,602.00
Multi-parameter Patient Monitor Women & Children’s Health $30,765.00
2021 TOTAL $1,529,590.00