2021 Spring Appeal

Throughout the continuing challenges of the COVID pandemic, you, our generous donors in the Tri-Counties, have responded faithfully to support needed equipment purchases for the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Again this spring, the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation (YHF) is asking for your help in keeping our commitments to providing more vital equipment, this time for our tiniest, most vulnerable citizens.

Please contribute to your local Women and Children’s Health Unit

Babies born today begin their lives blissfully unaware of the COVID crisis we all face daily. To accurately and efficiently safeguard our little ones, up-to-date monitors are essential for evaluating vital signs starting at birth. Our older monitors are nearing the end of their reliability.

Your donations are needed to purchase a new state-of-the-art Multi-parameter Patient Monitor to replace three older baby monitors. This new equipment will monitor newborn/pediatric patients for respiratory rate, breathing effort, heart rates, potential apnea and critical blood pressure. Among the many benefits, staff also will be able to test some babies for otherwise undetected heart defects before newborns are discharged.

You are part of a special group of people that care about healthcare in our community and you know the impact that this can bring to our loved ones. Why should you give when the YHF recently received an extraordinary gift of $22M? There are several reasons: first, the list of equipment purchases for 2021, including this monitor, was established based on our expectations of continuing community support before we received this major donation. Second, the entire major gift was invested immediately in a Healthcare Enhancement Endowment fund to earn interest while operational policies for its use are established and will be announced soon. Third, and most important, is the YHF’s desire to encourage your full continuing engagement over the months and years ahead to support the healthcare facilities we know you need and value so much.

This state-of-the-art baby monitor has been determined as a top priority at the hospital. If you can support this new monitor, please consider a tax-deductible financial gift.

Thank you for your continued commitment to provide the best perinatal care possible for babies in Yarmouth, Shelburne and Digby Counties.

Ways to Give:

  • Click here to donate online now
  • Call us at (902) 749-1669
  • Mail your cheque to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation at PO Box 7, Yarmouth NS B5A 4B1


Dr. Harold Cook
Chair, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation