2023 Spring Appeal Results

in MyoSure® Device


Until recently, Yarmouth Regional Hospital was the only regional hospital in the province that did not have a MyoSure® device. But now, thanks to our magnificent donors, that is no longer the case!

Thanks to all those who donated during our 2023 Spring Appeal, the YRH can now offer a more safe and efficient way to remove polyps or fibroids that are causing pain and abnormal uterine bleeding. The MyoSure® tissue removal procedure is an alternative to major surgery that typically doesn’t last more than half an hour and causes minimal trauma to the uterus and surrounding area. Incredibly, most patients can go back to their daily routine in one to two days!

Dr. Elissa Cohen, the OB/GYN physician in Yarmouth Regional Hospital, told us: The MyoSure® device allows us to identify and resect (surgically remove) cancers and thus reduce the morbidity and mortality among the women that we serve. Additionally, this instrument not only helps identify and resect lesions under direct visualization, it helps diagnose malignant and benign conditions that impair the quality of life and function for the women of our community.”