2022 Spring Appeal


Did you know that your Emergency Department had a total of 27,579 visits last year? That’s an average of about 76 visits every single day of 2021!

These numbers astonished me, and really made me think about just how central the Emergency Department is for so many of us during our times of great medical need. Reflecting on these statistics, I wanted to let you know that your Emergency Department is in urgent need of new Multi-parameter Vital Signs Monitors.

These state-of-the-art monitors provide a full range of patient data for your emergency healthcare team to comprehensively assess and monitor the condition of patients, offering blood pressure, oxygen saturation (SP02), cardiac activity and more all on one screen. This means patients can be assessed for more health care issues quickly and with greater accuracy in diagnostics which will improve the standards of clinical excellence that we have all come to trust from your regional hospital.

Dr. Lauren Maher notes that new monitors are essential for the Emergency Department as, without them, You feel blind…as a doctor trying to treat the patient. And you need to rely even more so on nursing staff who are already overwhelmed. This equipment, whether it be for cardiac reasons or unstable or potentially unstable patients, is like a constant set of eyes.”

Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is committed to fund a total of eight Multi-parameter Monitors for Emergency this year– but this Spring appeal is focused on getting two of these fully funded by the summer.  Each unit costs $37,500, so our target this time is $75,000.

Will you join me in supporting your Emergency Department with a donation towards these important diagnostic tools?

You can e-transfer your donation to info@yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca or donate online by clicking here.

Together, we can improve patient care and invest in our collective future by keeping Yarmouth Regional Hospital at the cutting edge of modern technology.

With appreciation and warm wishes to you and your family,

Neil LeBlanc, Board Chair

Yarmouth Hospital Foundation