2020 Yarmouth Hospital Foundation WE CARE Radiothon Event

Save the Date

The 2020 Yarmouth Hospital Foundation WE CARE Radiothon event raised enough to purchase a BiPAP machine and two Transport Ventilators for the Respiratory Services Department of your Regional Health Centre serving Digby, Shelburne, and Yarmouth Counties.

THANK YOU for helping patients breathe a little easier with your WE CARE Radiothon donations!


A BiPAP machine delivers pressure and oxygen to a patient via a face mask to help support their breathing. It is to be used in an ICU setting on patients in respiratory failure.

2 Transport Ventilators
$27,000 each

A Transport Ventilator is a ventilator that has the ability to be battery-powered to allow intubated patients to remain attached to a ventilator while being transported either within the hospital or out of the hospital to another site.