Annual Report 2021

Farewell to Paulette

A fond farewell

In 2021, we announced the retirement of our longtime managing director Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin  and the appointment of her successor, Mary Surette. Paulette retired after more than 18 years as the foundation’s first managing director and first permanent staff member.

“Since the first day of her appointment, Paulette has been forward thinking in advancing the betterment of YHF and promoting its attributes and opportunities to the community,” said former board chair Dr.  Harold Cook. “From day one, she connected to scores of donors in a personal and advisory manner, not  intrusively but rather repeatedly drawing attention to the value of supporting the foundation. The exponential growth and broad community engagement of YHF over nearly two decades can be attributed significantly to her initiatives and leadership.”

“It has been a source of pride, an honour, and a pleasure to work with the YHF Board and staff and our legion of donors, sponsors and volunteers,” Paulette said.