Image depicts the front entrance of Yarmouth Regional Hospital from an angled positionYarmouth Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing Yarmouth Regional Hospital, which provides care to the 58,000 residents of Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties.

Our Promise
Committed to quality healthcare delivery, we connect generosity to opportunities to change and save lives.

Our Mission
To support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional centre of excellence in healthcare.

Our Vision
Advancing opportunities that inspire donors, both of today and tomorrow, the foundation strives to be a leader in health care philanthropy by building meaningful, life-long donor relationships. We encourage transformational giving to support healthcare innovation and excellence at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and throughout the region for our families and the community.

Our Guiding Values
Integrity. Credibility. Accountability. Sustainability. Philanthropy. Community. Inclusivity.

Dr. Joe Gillis, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Site Medical Lead“Here at Yarmouth Regional Hospital, our foundation — and the donors — are an essential part of our health care team. We’re a small community, but with Yarmouth Hospital Foundation supporting us, helping us bring new equipment and new services to our patients, we can be proud of our work and our hospital here in the Tri-Counties.”

Dr. Joe Gillis, Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Site Medical Lead


The impact of your donation truly touches the lives of hundreds of patients, staff, volunteers, individuals and families in your community every day!  Let’s ensure that the exceptional people who work at your regional hospital continue to have the tools they need to deliver outstanding care for everyone who needs it. 

Because of the unwavering commitment of our valued donors, the YHF board has committed over $2 million in equipment for Yarmouth Regional Hospital in 2024. In addition to equipment purchases, our donors have enabled the foundation to embark on various other health care initiatives that fulfill our mission and vision in the Tri-Counties.

Donors to Yarmouth Hospital Foundation may be various and diverse, but each one makes an impact, and no gift is too small.