Gift in Will / Charitable Bequests

A charitable gift in your Will allows you to take care of your family AND make a big difference for healthcare in the Tri-Counties. 

Marg McGray's Final Gift to Help Sustain Healthcare

gift in Will

When Marg died just before her 93rd birthday, she not only looked after her family in her will, but also left a legacy to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation. "My aunt always appreciated the fact that a little community like Yarmouth had such a terrific facility," Ron Love, her sister's son, says, adding she wanted to help the hospital maintain that tradition with her gift.

By leaving charitable bequests in your will to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, you will continue to enhance health care in your community beyond your lifetime. You can designate a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. Whatever form your gift takes, the result is the same – a healthier community.


The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is a proud partner in the Will Power national movement.

To make it easier for you to determine if leaving a gift in your Will is right for you, please take a look through our resources:

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  • Click here to receive your FREE COPY of our Will Planning Guide
  • Click here for a FREE COPY of George’s Tree: The Story of A Well Planned Gift
  •  Sample Bequest Language


You have the power to make a difference in healthcare for future generations. Other benefits to leaving a gift in your Will include:

  • Your gift will not affect your cash flow today
  • Your gift is considered a charitable donation and your estate will receive a tax credit that your executor may use to offset income taxes owing on your income tax return
  • Your gift can be made available for immediate use or held as an endowment


Create a Permanent Legacy

An endowment fund is a way to ensure a permanent legacy and support a specific program, service, or equipment purchase. With an endowment, your donation will be invested, and the income generated each year will be used to support your chosen area of need.

Endowment funds can be established through a donation of cash, securities through a life insurance policy, or through a gift in your will.

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