Staff Participation Programs

We are proud of the support we receive from the staff of Yarmouth Regional Hospital. They are an integral part of our connection to the community, and we truly value their support!

$1K-A-Pay Staff Lottery

One significant component of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s fundraising activities is the exciting $1K-A-Pay Staff Lottery.

“I’m able to support the foundation, contribute to my community and at the  same time there’s the opportunity of winning something for myself,” says Michelle Campbell-Upton.  “It sounded like a win-win situation, so I signed up right away”.

While supporting healthcare, participating Nova Scotia Health employees of Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Digby General Hospital and Roseway Hospital have an opportunity to WIN $1000 every two weeks on payday! Proceeds are pro-rated and have supported many vital equipment purchases at all three hospitals in the Tri-Counties.

Join in the fun today!

Enrollment form for STAFF of Digby, Shelburne & Yarmouth Hospitals

Enrollment form for registered VOLUNTEERS of Digby, Shelburne & Yarmouth Hospitals

Payroll Donations

Jenny is one of many staffers at Yarmouth Regional Hospital who make payroll donation deductions to support Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.  “You could easily spend $20 a week at Tim’s,” she says, adding that regular payroll deductions mean that she doesn’t miss the money, and it doesn’t have the impact on her budget that a single large deduction does.
“The bonus is that I know exactly where my money is going and what it’s doing,” she says.

If you wish to donate via Nova Scotia Health payroll deductions, please click here for payroll donation deduction form. A record of your payroll deduction donations will appear on your T-4 slip for income tax purposes. No other receipt will be issued.

Department Fundraisers

Staff collections instead of Birthday/Christmas gifts, raffles, and bake sales are just a few examples of ways department staff can fundraise for Yarmouth Hospital Foundation.  Challenge  other departments to match or beat your fundraising total and let the friendly competition begin!


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