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Shoppers Drug Mart – Tree of Life

The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is honored to be chosen as the local recipient of the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Growing Women’s Health fundraiser for 2018. From September 9th to October 6th, you can give by adding to the tree at Shoppers Drug Mart and every dollar raised stays in our community! We are proud of the partnership between Yarmouth Hospital Foundation & Shoppers Drug Mart.

Shoppers Drug Mart staff have raised in excess of $50,000 since 2007 to support health care in our region.


Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Rake in Funds Through the

Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of Life™ Campaign

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, December, 2013 – The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation and Shoppers Drug Mart® have partnered together since 2007 in an effort to raise funds to help improve the quality of life for women and their families in Southwest Nova Scotia through the Tree of Life campaign. The three-week fundraising campaign, launched every September, aims to harvest essential funding needed to support the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation’s annual appeal.

All proceeds from the campaign are used to purchase essential hospital equipment. To date, Shoppers Drug Mart, Yarmouth, has raised in excess of $43,000 through its Tree of Life Campaign. The dollars raised have supported two new laparoscopic suites, the respiratory department, and the maternal child department to name a few.

“A large part of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation funding stems from the volunteer and fundraising efforts in this community, enabling us to support and enhance our hospital as a community and regional center of excellence in health care,” said Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, YHF Managing Director. “We encourage our hospital family and community to support the Shoppers Drug Mart’s Tree of Life fundraising campaign each year.”

Individuals can support the harvest by purchasing a “leaf” for a loonie, a “butterfly” for $5, or a “cardinal” for $50. Every time an individual (or business) contributes, they can personalize the leaf, etc. and place it on a branch of the Tree of Life which will is prominently displayed at the Shoppers Drug Mart store in Yarmouth. Online contributions can be made.

“This campaign really demonstrates the difference we can make when partnering together for a common goal, and we thank Shoppers Drug Mart, their employees, and their customers, for their ongoing support,” said Sweeney-Goodwin.


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Yarmouth Hospital Foundation contact:
Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, Managing Directory 749-1669

Shoppers Drug Mart Contact:
Christianne Land, Associate Pharmacist, Owner 742-3523

THANK YOU to the management, staff, and customers of Shoppers Drug Mart!!