You can now donate to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation by e-Transfer using the email address: info@yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca.

Please be sure to include your phone number, address and any details pertinent to the donation in the “Message” field*.

*If complete contact details are not provided within the message option of the e-Transfer, the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation will be unable to issue you a charitable donation tax receipt.


How do I give by e-Transfer?

  1. Log into your online banking or mobile banking app.
  2. Go to the payments section and select e-Transfer.
  3. Select the account to transfer the funds from and specify the amount in CAD$ to transfer.
  4. Select new recipient/Payee and provide the following details:
    • Recipient/Payee Name: Yarmouth Hospital Foundation
    • Email address: info@yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca
    • Method of notification: email
      • Note: The Yarmouth Hospital Foundation email address has been set up for Auto-Deposit. (A security question and answer is not required) Your confirmation should indicate that the funds were automatically deposited in our account.
  5. Please include the following information in the message field to enable us to send you your charitable donation tax receipt:
    • First & Last Name
    • Mailing Address (full)
    •  Email Address
    • Phone Number (optional)
  6. Please let us know what you would like to support: Area of Greatest Need, Christmas Appeal, Radiothon, Spring Appeal, Memorial, Tribute etc.
  7.  Send your transfer.


If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact us at (902) 749-1669 or info@yarmouthhospitalfoundation.ca.


Who can give by e-Transfer?
Check with your financial institution to ensure you are set up for e-Transfers.

To donate online using credit card or to set-up a monthly recurring donation, please click here.



You are the special type of person that can make a difference in healthcare.

Thank you for your donation, together we can build a healthier future for our community.


Charitable Registration #: 119305555 RR0001