Tusket Toyota Matches Monthly Giving to Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

This Giving Tuesday, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation is thrilled to announce the incredible expansion of our Heart of the Hospital Monthly Giving program as Tusket Toyota have stepped up for health care in your community! Thanks to the generosity of Tusket Toyota, our new Matching Partner, your dollars just doubled. If you sign up today to donate monthly to Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, Tusket Toyota will match your monthly donations every month! This means that your money will go further — twice as far, in fact! — and it will have even more impact for Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

Tusket Toyota have supported Yarmouth Hospital Foundation for over eighteen years, and are featured in the Leaders category on our Wall of Honour. In fact, we consider them one of our loyal Corporate Partners in Healthcare — and now they’re your partner, too, doubling your monthly gift to your regional hospital, and multiplying your impact.

Monthly Giving donors are a special kind of donor, which is why we call them the Heart of the Hospital. Their reliable, regular contributions provide an invaluable resource of sustained funding for Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, allowing our regional hospital to invest money where it’s needed most and to plan for long-term projects that will change patients’ lives for generations to come. That’s the power of monthly giving.

Last year, our Monthly Giving Donors’ funds went towards the purchase of a PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System. The equipment is an essential piece for the Rehabilitation department as it allows patients to safely mobilize without having to fully bear their own weight. Natalie Bourque, manager of Yarmouth Regional Hospital Rehabilitation Services told us that “this equipment allows patients to work on their gait while having their weight supported. It decreases the risk of falls and creates a safe environment for both the patients and the staff member. Without this equipment, staff would be unable to safely mobilize patients who require a higher level of physical support.”

Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to join the Heart of the Hospital program as a monthly donor. It’s easy and convenient to set up a regular monthly contribution that works within your budget. You can give in any amount of your choosing and may adjust your amount or cancel your donation at any time. A little money every month goes a long way for local health care, right here at home.

Yarmouth Hospital Foundation Managing Director Mary Surette says, “Monthly giving is a simple and powerful way to have a significant and long-term impact on health care in the Tri-Counties: that’s why I’m part of the Heart of the Hospital Program, too. The impact of monthly giving is very real, and now it’s only going to be greater thanks to Tusket Toyota.”